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Soft skills Training - Company Overview

soft skills Training in chennai We help companies and corporate by providing training programs in Soft skills, Sales, Marketing and Leadership Training thereby increase employee productivity and thus increase the bottom line. Techemate leadership academy was started with an idea of helping the unproductive employee to get positive results by providing necessary skills like communication and soft skills so that they will be effective in their jobs and their career.


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We provide the following Soft Skills Training:

Training on Leadership
Training on Attitude
Team Building
Building a Positive Work environment
Financial Planning
Etiquette training
Conflict management
Dealing with Customers
Sales and Marketing Training ( Click here )
Customer Centricity
Effective Communication ( Click here )
Public Speaking
Stress Management & Work-Life Balance
Time Management
English Language Training


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Soft skills in the era of globalisation and modernisation

In this era of globalisation and modernisation, the skills that an executive or a manager needs are different but the human touch is needed even if technology grows.

The need for soft skills and soft skills training in this 21st century is greater and every manager needs to be a good communicator, team player and a great leader and so the need for soft skills training.

We at Techemate leadership Academy help executives and managers become effective communicators and leaders. Organisations in our era has to undergo global competition and thus to have an edge in the market place both the internal and external customers need to be addressed and a strong working culture and trained employees is the need of the hour,

We at Techemate Leadership Academy provide communication skills, selling skills, B2C and B2B sales training, Team building and Leadership training,

We are very much bothered in increasing our customers bottom line by making their employees effective and efficient.

We would like to take corporate training to the next level in increasing the efficiency of business teams and profitability!

Soft skills Training| Management Training | Corporate Training


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Soft skills Training| Management Training | Corporate Training